-Items for N47815 (as of 1/5/2020)


1)      Auto pilot dips altitude when transmitting on 750.  Does not dip when using 650.  Happens only on 750 and does not make any difference if done from pilot or co-pilot side.  Dip is stronger when at higher altitude (11,000 very, strong   at 5000 ft, slight dip) – DEFER FOR HURON AVIONICS 

2)      Left wing root, underneath wing, gasket loose 

3)      Co-pilot overhead while light out 

4)      Door Seals INOP???   Red light flashing not steady (can only see at night – light very dim) 

5)      Right Engine, after heavy use, pull to idle on ground, oil pressure drops to 1.6 psi and engine feathers 

6)      Rt engine very hard to start after feather 

7)      Both Left and Right engines exceed max rpm of 2550 (go to 2625) at 40” MP on take off  See #21 

8)      Right engine out of throttle at 9000’  see photos 

9)      Heater intermittent INOP.  FIX plus add light to show when operational.  Note that original Piper heater was replaced by C&S? from Benton Harbor about 5-6 years ago 

10)   Co-pilot cable cover on floor not secured 

11)   Pilot left side switch center missing 2-3 screws and washers 

12)   Hub Caps need to be reattached..   Lost one hub cap in flight – I need to order again. 

13)   At FL190, 2:15 into flight from KMYR to KPTK, left #6 cylinder stopped working.  Look at Engine graphical data.  Lasted about 10 seconds. 

14)   Oil Analysis reporting larger than normal items in oil (Nickel, Iron, etc).  Previous lab reports submitted.  Drain sample oil when drop off to send for analysis.  Change oil to straight weight 80 

15)     Replace ship’s original TIT probes with JPI TIT Probes.  Disconnect auxiliary JPI Probe and attach to new TIT probes (screw in).  Leave auxiliary TIT probes in place, tie up and secure pigtail wiring 

16)   Right electric fuel pump sometimes intermittent when on low.  When turn on low, no indication of fuel flow (does not occur all the time).  When then switch and put fuel pump on high for a few seconds, then put back on low, everything ok. 

17)   Left engine, inboard, quicklok fastener on upper left corner missing.  Needs to reinforce hole for fastener 

18)   Right landing gear light sometimes inop.   

19)   Clean GAMI Injectors.  Make certain to keep them identified by engine and cylinder 

20)   Nose gear bolt ad 

21)    Following from SAVVY Engine anaylsis

                Increase Max Fuel Flow to 24.3 g/h      current set to 22.1 g/hr
                           make sure max MP is 40.0 when adjusting FF

                Check high stop on governor to 2575 RPM

                Check cooling baffles for cyl 1

            RIGHT ENGINE

                Decrease Max Fuel flow to 24.3 g/h.   current set to 28.0  
                        make sure max MP is 40.0 when adjusting FF

                Check cooling baffles for cyls 2 and 5