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General Info Private Pilot Instrument Rating
FAA-AIM King School-Private Pilot Syllabus King School-Instrument Syllabus
FAA Airplane Flying Handbook FAA-ACS for Private Pilot (June 2018) FAA ACS for Instrument Rating-Rev B (June 2018)
FAA Advanced Avionics Handbook FAA Testing Supplement-Private Pilot FAA Testing Supplement-Instrument Rating
FAA Weight and Balance Handbook FAA-Handbook of Aeronautical Know. FAA Instrument Procedures Handbook
FAA Risk Management Handbook FAA-Airplane Flying Handbook FAA Instrument Flying Handbook
FAA Plane Sense General Aviation Information Nav Form-VFR Nav Form-IFR
FAA-Aero Chart Users Guide   King IFR Card (color)

FAA Aviation Instructors Handbook

FAA Advisory Circulars

  AC 00-6B Aviation Safety
   AC 60-22 Aeronautical Decision Making
   AC 61-65G Certifications-Pilots and Instructors
   AC 61-67C Change 2 - Stall and Spin Awarness Training
   AC 61-98A Currency and Additional Qualifications Requirements
   AC 90-23G Wake Turbulence
   AC 61-84B Preflight Preparation
   AC 61-134 General Aviation Controlled Flight into Terrain
   AC 90-42F Traffic Advisory Airports without Towers
   AC 90-48C Pilots Role in Collision Avoidance
   AC 90-66A Recommended Patterns without towers
   AC 120-51E Crew Resource Management Training