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Picture of old interior, before complete redo by Ambience Interiors:  Cockpit:  Cabin (Middle Seats)   Rear Seats

1978 Piper Seneca II  PA-34-200T  SN 34-7870004
Continental 200T  SFRM/SFRM   (1800 TBO) - installed 1/29/2014, 5711.9 total hours
      Left:    Cont TSIO360-EB3B   S/N 1009404, installed 1/29/2014    
      Right:  Cont LTSIO360-EB3B  S/N 1009579, installed 1/29/2014

Hartzell 2 Blade Prop   (2000 TBO) Prop OH 1/1/2014
      Left:    BHC-C2YF-2CKUF
      Right:  BHC-C2YF-2CLKUF

Equipment and Accessories:

AVIONICS:   Summary of versions and serial numbers

Garmin Package:
    GTN-750   Nav/Com, sn1ZA000609  (installed 4/30/2011) WITH GDL-69A XM WX, sn 47764220, v 6.11, GPS Software ver 5.0, COM Software 2.20, NAV Software Ver 6.02)   pilots guide   reference guide   Errata1
    GTN-650   Nav/Com, sn 1Z8001388  (installed 4/30/2011, main ver 6.11, GOS Software vers 5.0, Com Software Ver: 2.3, NAV Software Ver: 6.02)    pilots guide   reference guide   Errata1
    GMA-35    Remote Audio, sn 1T6000193 (shows on GTN-750) (installed 4/30/2011), vers 4.10A
    GTX-33ES Mode S     Remote Transponder, sn 89130209 (shows on GTN-750) (installed 10/08/2015, replaced 7/26/16 w sn 89123516), vers 8.02
    GDL-88    ADS-B Pilots Guide, sn 22T004351 (installed 10/8/2015)
    Sandia 340 Quatro Standby Artificial Horizon, Airspeed, Altimeter, Slip, part no: 306171-00, SAI 340, sn: 350, software rev 15.0    pilots guide   Installation
   Flightstream 210  sn 3RE002701 (installed 10/08/2015)


KCS-55A  HSI Indicator   manual
GI-106A    Indicator
WX-500 Stormscope (on GTN-750)

STEC-60-2 Autopilot with Alert and Preselect  and GPSS Steer
Shaddin Fuel Flow  K-Factors L/R: 29.8  29.8    manual
Insight G4 Graphics Engine Monitor (installed 8/5/14, P/N 1200C-001, S/N 50174, software ver 167)    Pilot's Guide   Operation Manual   STC
Insight TAS1000 Air Data Computer (installed 3/5/2015)      Configuration Settings
Electric Trim
Altex ME406 ELT (installed 12/1/2013)
United Instruments 5934PAD-3BA.649 Baro output Altimeter
Mountain High O2D2 Pulse Oxygen System With Al 682 (24 cu ft, 8 #, 4.4" dia x 27.6" long), 15.7 hrs at 18,000 ft)
Whelen OR6501G/R LED Nav lights (AC-20-41A and STC), installed 9/30/2016
Stratus Power, USB Ports (TSO'd), P/N 153010-000029, sn 055455   Installation

    ICAO Equipment:    B, G, S   ??
    ICAO Surveillance:    B1, L, U2
    Wake Turbulence:    Light
    ICAO PBN:            A1, B2, C2, D2, L1, O2, S1, S2



Certified for Flight Into Known Icing, Vortex Generators, RMD Tips with Recog Lites, 4 Light Strobe system, Insight Gemini 1200 Graphic Engine Monitor, Shadin Fuel Flow, Precise Flight Pulselights, Bob Fields Door Seal, New Heavy main gear trunions, Boots replaced 2-13-89: Excellent condition-no patches, Whelan LED tail/strobe, Knot2U Wing Root Fairings, gap seals, other improvements


Painted 3-13-89 in 4 color Imron. White ,Rose, Maroon and Gray.
Tires:  55 psi mains, 30 psi nose


Complete, custom designed interior (5/1/2015) by Ambience Interiors with extra wide pilot/copilot seats with lumbar support.   Before Images    After Images

Complete history of Form 337's from FAA as of 3/31/2016

05-24-17 FAA Form 337 with FAA field approval changing max occupancy from 7 to 6

N47815 Summary Stats and AD Compliance.htm    Current Squawks

N47815 POH     Complete

Weight & Balance:   Excel file (2 tabs)         From POH: (CG Envelope      Loading Graph     Table (see tab POH)       Previous    Current)
Airworthiness Certificate      Registration     FCC Station License      FCC Operator License

Log Books:   Airframe   Left Engine   Right Engine   Left Propeller   Right Propeller

Piper Service Manuals:  Parts (761-589)   Service (761-590)

MMCA Library of FAA Materiaclick here

Foscam Security Video:  Here

SPOT Tracker: